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Aldo Mujica is an independent Peruvian game developer and founder (2006), that is part of the Inka Team, as well as being the leader of the said website of Inkagames and the team. He is a system engineer, creates and writes stories of what is going to happen. He builds the game engine "SPACE" using Action Script (Flash), which allows the crew to build adventure games.

He is mostly known for choosing one of the Inkagames winners by using the Pigsaw roulette to select the winner numbers.


When he was a child, he played a lot of games, but most of all, he loved playing adventure games. He played a lot with his brother. Soon he learned to program and promised himself that he would make his own game. Even when he was working in a different job, he made some room and time to learn all about Flash. When he had enough information, he made some games. His first game was a boxing game - which he showed to his friends. He does think that everyone who loves playing games has a dream of making their own games.

In the beginning, he was alone for 3 years with his brother Alejandro who helped him a lot, but it was good to hire someone else when he got some profit. So in the 4th year, he asked to hire people.

The first games, which were called Peruvian games, are not on the website anymore - as they were based on the events in Peru - and did not get good results. So the team started to move to fun games. They have chosen Obama because he was a good person. Everyone loved him, but they did run into a risk to make a political game with a political character. But they made Presidential Escape based on the movie: Airforce 1, which was the inspiration that made him create Obama's first game.


  • His history and other things, mostly about how he made his games, were asked and answered in the Live-Stream.
  • He and MagicManMo did a YouTube Live-Stream on September 6th.
  • Aldo's favorite Inkagame hero is Obama. His most likable game for him is Obama Potter - as he is a Harry Potter fan, and as he stated, he felt something like magic when the game was in the process of making.
    • He would make a sequel to the game in the future, but with a different title.
  • He made Pigsaw's voice at some of his first games, but then they stopped as it was a time-consuming task to pick one record out that would stand out.
  • He mostly enjoyed making Phineas and Ferb: Monster Hunters.
  • He and his team use Flash to animate everything.