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Game Description[]

Help SpongeBob escape from the Flying Dutchman' ship!


ProtagonistSpongeBob SquarePants

Villains: Albert Wesker (octopus), Plankton, Ghost, Ugly troll.

Others: Hooded fish, Giant stone, Bomb, Clown (in gift), Pigsaw (cameo as boxes' head portrait).


  • Shield
  • Totems (x3)
  • Weird bag
  • Weird drawing
  • Some pepper
  • Shell
  • Elastic arm
  • Fan
  • Golden crown


  • Shell + weird bag = vacuum -> vacuum with a ghost in it
  • Gift + bomb = gift with a bomb in it


  • This is the second time the starting background isn't the original black, the first being SpongeBob Saw Game.
  • SpongeBob must play with barrels to escape from the ship.
  • Albert Wesker, the troll from Obama Potter, the sneezing Thwomp from Tony Crazy Escape and the ghost from Obama Lord of the Rings appear as the villains.
  • The flashlight serves as a vacuum cleaner.
  • The kicking mini game is back.
  • Only the Spanish version can be played on Flashpoint.
  • The golden crown resembles the shield piece from Spongebob Saw Game.
  • The totems from Obama in the Dark are yellow, green and blue.
  • The "golden armor" design on the shield and Thwomp came from Tony Crazy Escape.
  • The jack-in-the-box is a smaller version of the one from Lisa Saw Game.



Spongebob Ship Escape (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

Walkthrough author: Inkagamer

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