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About him

El Chavo del Ocho is the main character of the TV show of the same nickname. El Chavo is an eight-year-old orphan. "Chavo" is a Mexican Spanish slang word for "kid"; Chavo's real name is not known, but in some episodes, he calls himself Chente, short for Vicente, after a friend who died in the orphan home in which he was abandoned. Chavo is usually enthusiastic, creative, and good-natured, but on the other hand, he is also rather naïve and very gullible. He is not particularly bright and is remarkably clumsy, often hitting Quico, Don Ramón and Señor Barriga with balls, shoes, hammers, bricks, chairs, and other objects. Despite being a hungry 8-year-old child, he seems to have incredible physical strength, since that his punches can stun or even topple a full-grown man, mostly Don Ramón.

He is recognizable with his green hat, which has both sides long. He wears a white-brown striped T-shirt, gold pants, and brown shoes. His front brown hair is seen out of the hat.

In the games

Crazy Haunted House

Chavo was in the barrel, but as the postman told him that Quico and Chilindrina are in danger, he had to save them from the witch.

At the graveyard, he had to move carefully as he could see in the paper that showed that the path is safe when following the arrows. He also grabbed a jar of vitamins and an arrow that were behind the stones. In a room that had a large hole, he had to use the witch's broom to fly and grab a flying burger. However, when he turned back, the broom started to stop near the edge of the cliff. He had to grab hold of the edge while the broom was falling in the pit. As he ate the burger, he became strong and could push the heavy wardrobe from blocking the path. In the end, he defeated the witch. All of this adventure was actually a nightmare since he got wake up by Chilindrina and Quico. Then they scared him using scary masks.

Chavo and the Giant Sandwich

Chavo has to earn 30 pesos to buy the super giant sandwich. But to earn the money, he has to be tricky, clever, and good.

In the beginning, Chavo helped the kitty that was stuck on a tree and took it to Mr. Prudencio, he also helped Chompiras giving him a helmet that would protect him by the slaps of Botija. He helped Doctor Chapatin get his memory back and managed to get the canary into its cage for the miss in door number 14. Chavo tricked Quico into throwing his two pesos in the well and wishing Paty would kiss him. Chavo had kicked the ball towards a mister, as when the mister walked off, the chaos started with the two neighbors. He helped get Popis her doll Serafina. He bought the milk (and drink it half) for the nice old lady in the 71 door. Chavo gave the tickets to a woman in 43 block that would seduce Mr. Damon. Chavo managed to get a date with a beautiful woman for Ron Damon in the 72 door. He helped Chilindrina get his dog, Peluchin. He scared Paty with a skeleton so that her hiccup disappeared. He was given a kiss from her to show her gratitude as he fell. Chavo gave a pair of earmuffs to Chimoltrufia so that she could get some rest. He scared Chaparron and Lucas for a prank. Chavo placed his stuff outside the alley so that he could sell his beverages to the people. He had to dance an Indian dance so that the rain could fill the buckets with its water. He bought the fruit from a fruit seller so that his water became beverages. Chavo met Gonzales (the Inkagames winner) and got a pair of squeezers so that he could squeeze the fruit in the water. He then sold the beverages to earn money in order to buy the giant sandwich. In the end, Chavo got his giant sandwich but then gave it to the poor child that was hungry. Chavo was then invited to a feast at home and realized how nice it is if you give away something important to you.



  • Chavo was seen smarter than the Red Grasshopper.
  • In Crazy Haunted House, when the postman asked Chavo if he is here, the boy answers that he is resting and is not coming out.
  • When he came outside the barrel, he asked who can help him now. He then repeated it more loudly. As then he said, that it looks like the Red Grasshopper is on vacation, and he will go himself then.
  • He had to cross the graveyard again when he was going back to the house.