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Geraldine Johnson

About her

Geraldine Johnson is an adventurous, clever, twelve-year-old girl who is the main protagonist of the game. She is the daughter of Mr. Johnson and Ms. Johnson.

Geraldine has medium-long violet hair in two pigtails and has red bands holding them together, and brown eyes. She is also very skinny for her age. She wears a light pink shirt with violet pants and hot pink shoes.

In the game

Geraldine and the Small Door

Geraldine and her parents move into the Apartment. As her parents have lots of work to do, Geraldine is discovering the house's inner place as well as the outside; with the help of her dad's notes, she found the small door in the wall.

She helped Angi Delgado, an Inkagame winner, to find her hamster in the real world as well as in the other world.

At the kitchen table, she asked her doll, which looked the same as her, if the food is poisoned, and moved her doll's head, making it nod. On the night of the same day, she followed a mouse to the little doors that lead Geraldine to the other world, where she had a different experience than in the real world - seeing all the people she meets there be cooler and willing to give her anything she desires.

The next day, after coming back to the real world, and went to Mr. Hobbinsky, Geraldine opened her eyes widely when she got the info from him.

After her parents left her alone as they went shopping, she was searching for the key and found it locked inside the safe.

Geraldine, as she was in the other world after Other Mother wanted her to sew buttons for her eyes, wanted to have some sleep so she could return to her own world, but the magic didn't work - so she had to go on foot and into the small doors.

When Geraldine came back into the real world, she called her parents but couldn't find them anywhere. The Cat helped her find her parents, which she found out, were trapped in the mirror.

After making a bet with Other Mother, Geraldine had to get three eyes in the shape of different balls. As she finished the search, she had to find where her parents were trapped and then telling it to Other Mother that has already changed her physique.

When she was locking the second doors from the other world, the three ghost spirits helped her lock-up but could lock up the first doors by herself.

In her dreams, she saw the three ghosts again, who warned her of the danger that is coming to her (the hand of Other Mother), so Geraldine woke up and made a plan on how to get rid of it.

She and her real parents decided to have a picnic party and invite other characters that lived in the Apartment. On the next day, it was seen that every character that they meet was at this party.



  • Due to copyright, the character had to be re-named and re-designed throughout the whole game.  
  • To get the doors that lead to the boiler room and the safe, she used a pot in the hallway to help herself by straightening the carpet, thus opening them.  
  • She got a key to her parents' room, wherein in their bathroom, she finds a combination of arrows which she could use on the safe.
  • At the ending scene, she wore a different outfit than before; a violet shirt, pink pants, and a blue apron over her.