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Game Description[]

Dangerous villain RatFace has escaped from prison! Our informants said he might be hidden nearby, preparing his next hit. It's your mission to find him before it's too late.


Protagonist: Barack Obama

Enemy: RatFace

Others: Ronald McDonald, Chavo, Quico, Security guard, Tom Cruise, FatRat, Cop.

Mentioned Characters: Wile E. Coyote, Krusty, Doña Florinda, Mary Lee Pfeiffer, Neo.




  • TBA


Game Over[]


  • This game takes place the same as in Operation Petrogate with several differences:
    • The wooden desk writes FBI, while in the other game - PCM.
    • There was a plush cat toy in Petrogate, while in RatFace there wasn't.
    • In both games, the main characters were trapped in a room and need to escape with a rocket.
    • This game had Ronald, Tom Cruise, Chavo, and Quico, while Petrogate didn't have them. Instead, it had characters based off real Peruvian people.
    • In Obama's game, there were a lot of other characters, while in Petrogate, the characters were less.
    • Both games had the same supplies in the shop and the same guard.
    • In Petrogate, it was written as WC, while in Obama's game, there was a sign: woman/man/alien for the toilet.
    • In both games, you make the guard sick and the rat drunk.
      • However, in Petrogate, as all the ingredients of the cheese with ham and pineapple were in the store, they could be won easily, while this here it's required to make the guard sick in order to get the pineapple.
    • In both games, there was a cop. However, in this game, the cop was in blue while in Petrogate, the cop was in green.
    • In both games, you make RatFace come out of his hiding spot using Hawaiian cheese.
  • The milk and the apple, despite both being takeable, are not used in this game.
  • Squared Ball resembles S from Alphablocks.

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