Snake Jailbird

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About him

Chester "Snake" Turley, or Snake Jailbird, Albert Knickerbocker Aloysius Snake, also known as Professor Jailbird and Detention Bird, is a recidivist criminal, always getting arrested, but rarely appearing to stay in prison. He speaks with a "Valley Boy" accent and has a tattoo of a snake on his arm, which is presumably the source of his nickname. He has brown hair, blue trademark vest, a grey T-shirt, blue pants and black shoes.

In the game

In Homer's game, he was seen aiming his gun at Apu when he was suddenly kicked in the head by a soccer ball and he falls down unconscious.

Homer then takes him unconsious to the policestation, where he locked him up with Wiggum, where Snake had a payback with the fat policeman.


  • In Homer's game, he was seen the same as in the series.
  • The gun bellonging to him was different then origanaly.
  • Homer then takes him with him.
  • After he was done with Wiggum he turns back to the cell.
  • His gun went flying to the left corner, disappearing from the view.
  • He lied with his chest and head touching the floor, his hands spreads on each side, his tounge ou, as his bottom was up and his feet on the ground.
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